Stepping Forward Together
PAA and LIHE's Landmark MoU in Pedorthic Education"

August 11, 2023

On 11th August, the Pedorthic Association of Australia (PAA) and the Lincoln Institute of Higher Education (LIHE), Australia, embarked on a pivotal collaboration in pedorthics education and research. Pedorthists, recognised under the Allied Health Professions Australia, are instrumental in enhancing patient well-being through bespoke footwear solutions. Their expertise aids in averting foot complications, promoting mobility, and substantially curtailing risks linked with conditions like diabetes. This venture promises the development of a Global standards Bachelor of Pedorthics programme, revolutionary industry-led training, and unrivalled Work Integrated Learning opportunities for LIHE students. Such endeavours will capacitate them to cater to underprivileged communities, individuals at high foot-care risk, the physically challenged, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations.

Prof. Amiya Bhaumik of LIHE highlighted the institute's philosophical ethos on health education, expressing a fervent desire to pioneer community service via non-profit health education. PAA's President, Katrin Wegener, alongside Karl-Heinz Schott, emphasised the vast potential of the pedorthist profession in Australia, pointing to job-ready opportunities for students even in nascent study stages and the surging demand in remote areas.

This union was celebrated with the esteemed presence of members from PAA - Katrin Wegener, Karl-Heinz Schott, Khajag Moskofian, Sayed Ahmed; and from LIHE - Prof. Amiya Bhaumik, Dr Tadipatri Prasad, Dhanyānanda Swami, Mark Atkinson, Vijaya Ryali, and Prof. Mahfuz Ashraf. Forward to a brighter, inclusive future in health education!

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